Emma’s Wish

A slippery road. Darkness. An unforgettable dance.

In one moment, a young girl’s life is changed forever.

Let these captivating illustrations draw you into Emma’s world as she learns

there is more to life than what she can see.


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Praise for Emma’s Wish

“Beautiful! I loved reading Emma’s Wish and was mesmerized by the illustrations. This is a wonder-filled book that will give you reason to hope again.”

–Jeff Goins, Author and Dad

“Anne and Jessica together create a visually stunning and lyrically beautiful world.”

-Chris Morris, Amazon review

“LOVED IT. The pictures are beyond brilliantly amazing,

and the story itself is incredibly uplifting.” 

-Bryan Hutchinson, Author of Inspired Writer

“This is a mystical experience, it will take you through a visual feast of images,

to set the imagination on fire.” 

-Kath Unsworth, Amazon Review