Written by Anne Peterson, Illustrated by Jessica Peterson


Children’s Books


Little Kerrie was ashamed of where she lived. She felt as crooked as her house was. Until she heard the reason behind its crookedness. If you like a book that celebrates individuality, teaches your children to feel good about themselves and is fun to read aloud, you must read The Crooked House.  Read more.  View on Amazon.





A slippery road. Darkness. An unforgettable dance. In one moment, a young girl’s life is changed forever. Let these captivating illustrations draw you into Emma’s world as she learns there is more to life than what she can see. If you like a story with a heroine who faces insurmountable odds and succeeds, you will love Emma’s Wish.  Read more.  View on Amazon.






Have you ever wondered what the story was behind a photograph? Reflecting on her daughter’s photographs, Anne created poetry. It’s more than words on paper, these are experiences. Imagine dancing with the moon, or floating in a giant bubble. Anything is possible. There are enough serious moments in life, we all need time to Make Believe.  View on Amazon





Storylines is a different kind of book. Anne Peterson was inspired by her daughter’s art. Just as Jessica was free with every line she drew, Anne was free with every word she wrote. They simply harmonized. Not only do they share a mother-daughter bond, they share a love for art. They believe in order for art to be pure, the artists need to be free. See more  View on Amazon





You’re all alone and it’s quiet. But out of the corner of your eye, you see something move. Although nothing is there. Or is it? Sometimes things are just as they appear. But sometimes… well, that’s another story. Chills is a compilation of Jessica’s edgy photographs and Anne’s interpretation. It’s a look at the eerie side of poetry.  Read more  View on Amazon.