Read My Guest Post: How a Camera Can Turn Dreams Into Reality

I am honored to be featured on the website “Just How Cool Is That?!”

My guest post was published today, How A Camera Can Turn Dreams Into Reality.

When I realized my camera was made for more than snapshots.

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Read my first article on Medium!

Recently I published my very first article on Medium, This Is Why Artists Need Criticism: How my painting rose to great heights.

This is the story behind my painting that is now on a billboard in Peoria, IL.

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Special Deal on Chills: The eerie side of poetry

Jessica’s artwork coupled with Anne’s writing is a match made between worlds. Drifting among the living & dead, the light & shadows, the seen & unseen – the book allows your imagination to drown in the mini-mysteries. Fantastic and fun!

-Nikole Cooney, Artist


You’re all alone and it’s quiet. Out of the corner of your eye, you see something move. But nothing’s there. Or is it?

Sometimes things are just as they appear. But sometimes… well, that’s another story.

Chills is a collaboration between my mom, Anne Peterson, and I.  After reflecting on each photograph of mine, my mom wrote a poem. The result was Chills: The eerie side of poetry

Today the Kindle is only $.99 cents. This deal ends October 30 @ 11pm.

Buy it here.