From the time my dad put a crayon in my hand, at age two,
I had things to show the world.

Sixteen years later, I had the same feeling when someone put a
camera in my hand. 

I do a lot of self portraits, because it’s easier for me to boss myself around.

In 2011, a school assignment introduced me to “dust painting” (charcoal). And I was in love. 

While my charcoal drawings are said to be evocative, it’s my colorful paintings that remind me of the carefree childhood everyone always wanted.

Collaborating with my mother, Anne Peterson, I have illustrated five books, including Emma’s Wish, The Crooked House and Chills

Storylines is an art book which reflects our belief that artists’ work should be pure.

In that book, I created my drawings first, my mom looked at them and the
poetry came. 

I’m a graduate of Illinois Central College, and am presently a student
of Preston Jackson at the Contemporary Art Center in Peoria, IL.

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